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Today’s topic is the law of attraction – how to understand it better, and how you can use it to change your life in a positive way. I’ve wanted to do this podcast for awhile now, as the law of attraction is one area of personal development that gets quite a bit of attention, and sparks a fair bit of debate as to whether or not it actually works.

So first things first – does the law of attraction even exist? Or is it simply a ruse created by man so that he can sell the idea?

Well, the law of attraction absolutely exists. The law of attraction is actually a variation on the law of vibration, which states that everything in this universe is made up of energy, and that all energy vibrates at a certain rate. The first step to grasping the law of attraction is to understand this law of vibration. This means you must start to recognize that everything that you see (and don’t see) operates on a certain level of vibration. It’s what differentiates a plant from a tree, a loud sound from a quiet sound, or a successful relationship from a broken relationship. Everything is energy.

Question number two – Does the law of attraction work? The answer to this is – yes, absolutely, 100% of the time. This universe operates in an orderly, lawful manner. The law of attraction will present to you exactly what you are focusing on. It is precise and exacting.

So if the law of attraction is such an exacting law, why don’t more people get what they want from life? We’ve been told many times that if we just think about what we want, the universe should give it to us, in accordance with the law of attraction – right?

This is where the tricky part of this law comes in.

The only way we can attract things into our lives is through our thoughts. Our thoughts are energy – very, very POTENT energy. Each thought we think, and therefore release out into the universe, has a certain vibration to it. The universe automatically picks up on this vibration, and gives us back the physical manifestation of the vibration we are in. So if you are predominantly worried about not having enough money to pay your bills, you will continually not have enough money to pay your bills. If you are predominantly thinking about starting your own business, the universe will lead you to ways you can start your own business.

But even with this information, many people have a difficult time grasping this concept. Why?

#1 – They don’t recognize how the law is bringing them what they are asking for.
It is rare that the law of attraction will just plop down a mansion or a luxury car right in front of you – you have to become that person first – emotionally and spiritually. But what it will do is put you in the vibration you need to be in to start attracting those things into your life. Maybe you will be in a bookstore and a magazine about dream homes will catch your eye, or you will be flipping through the channels and see a commercial for the luxury car you have been thinking about. It is those “coincidences”, as we like to call them, that you need to pay attention to. Those are the beginning stages that are proof of this great law, and you must stay in that vibration in order to manifest that mansion or luxury car into your life.

#2 – They are resistant to it.
People like to wish for something, but their actual beliefs hinder their progression. Maybe they say they want more money, but deep down they have a lot of negative feelings about money – that its bad to have lots of money, while other people have so little. Or maybe they are wanting a promotion but deep down they fear a backlash from their boss or co-workers. A lot of the time, we resist what we want, but we don’t even know we are doing it because we are just operating as we normally have. Nothing feels out of the ordinary, but they aren’t getting what they want. They think they are being “realistic” in their expectations – right? It’s only realistic because this is how they have always operated! They start to believe there is no progression – that wanting that promotion was merely a pipedream, and that’s the vibration they take on. So what happens? That money, and that promotion moves away from you because your thoughts moved away from it.

#3 – They aren’t consistently focusing on what they want.
The law of attraction needs to be constantly reinforced and focused upon, and most people, who are relatively new to personal development and this law, have not yet developed that kind of focus, drive, and determination. Most people, don’t pay any attention to the thoughts that are shooting around in their mind. Does this mean it’s a lost cause? Not at all. It actually is giving you the opportunity for a huge transformation by way of spiritual growth! The law is there for you to use, you just have to become one with what you want.

Whenever I would listen to various personal development gurus talk about the law of attraction, I always wanted to hear examples from their lives. They were teaching people about this mystical law and how it helped them lead a life of success, but they weren’t offering any real-world examples of it in action. Here are a few examples from my own experiences.

Have you ever thought about a scene from a TV show, or a movie, and then, by “coincidence”, you see that episode or movie relatively soon? This seems to happen to me all the time. Just the other week I was thinking about some memorable moments from Seinfeld, and within a few days I saw 3 episodes that had each scene I had thought about. I find this happens with movies too. I’ll think about a movie and then within a couple of days I’ll see that the movie is on TV. How was I to know it was going to be on TV? I couldn’t! Is it merely a coincidence? Not at all – it is a law of the universe. Everything is connected.

Here’s a more recent law of attraction moment that just happened to me a few days ago. About a month ago I noticed my iPod headphones were wearing out. I knew I needed to buy a new pair but I just never got around to it. I remember thinking, ‘I really would like to get a nice set of headphones, that have superior sound, and are a bit more professional.” Fast-foward a few weeks and my Aunt calls me. My Aunt rarely calls me. She works as a freelance accountant and wanted to inform me that she started doing some work for an audio company that sells high-end headphones and she can get a really good deal on them if I wanted a pair. You can imagine how far my jaw dropped, to be followed by an incredulous smile across my face.

Stories like these are not uncommon. They happen all the time to millions of people around the world. Still, many people choose not to believe it, or chalk it up to coincidence or outright lies.

Here is a little secret about the law of attraction. You are using it right now. You were using it yesterday – and the day before that. And you will use it tomorrow and the day after that – and for the rest of your life. The law of attraction is just like the law of gravity. We all know how gravity works and how definite and exacting that universal law is. There is an unseen magnetic pull toward the center of the earth. We have to abide by this law otherwise bad things happen. The law of attraction is exactly the same. It is an unseen force that is CONSTANTLY at work. That means that when you think about something negative, the law of attraction will give you something negative. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your race is, what kind of clothes you wear or car you drive. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, young or old, or rich or poor. This law is always working and knowing how to use it to your advantage will bring everything you want into your life.

I’m sure you have heard of various success stories where the people can’t believe their “luck” that they get to live such a fun, inspiring and enriching life. Well, luck has nothing to do with it. I’m sure if they tracked their progression to their life of success, you would see the law of attraction at work every step of the way. Even right now as you listen to this podcast you have used this law! What you give your attention to grows – but if you shift your attention away from what you want, you will never get it. It’s like planting a seed in the ground – if you don’t water it and take care of it properly, it will never grow.

So make sure you are staying focused on your dream, and taking proper care of it. It may feel like it is not working out for you, but always remember that this law is definite and exacting. If what you want is not coming into your life like you are hoping, you are attracting the opposite of the abundance you seek. It is up to you to figure out what thoughts are blocking your progression – because that is all it is – your thoughts. Cast out the negatives! You must learn to control your thoughts in order for you to live the life you dream of.

It is possible, so never give up. When things look their bleakest, it can be discouraging – but that is where you have to rise from. When you can do that – when you can learn how to create life changes for yourself – great things will come into your life.

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