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Change Your Life PODCAST: Make Changes Using The Law of Attraction

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Today’s topic is the law of attraction – how to understand it better, and how you can use it to change your life in a positive way. I’ve wanted to do this podcast for awhile now, as the law of attraction is one area of personal development that gets quite a bit of attention, and sparks a fair bit of debate as to whether or not it actually works.

So first things first – does the law of attraction even exist? Or is it simply a ruse created by man so that he can sell the idea?

Well, the law of attraction absolutely exists. The law of attraction is actually a variation on the law of vibration, which states that everything in this universe is made up of energy, and that all energy vibrates at a certain rate. The first step to grasping the law of attraction is to understand this law of vibration. Read more…

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